Our Partners

Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa is mandated to intervene in the above-cited contextual challenges, through the following programmatic objectives:

TREES for the Future Organisation

LERWA-Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa partners with agroforestry nonprofit Trees for the Future (TREES), whose mission is to address hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation through sustainable agriculture training. TREES trains farmers across sub-Saharan Africa in the Forest Garden Approach. This partnership has resulted in the training and support of over 212 farmers in the planting of 547819 trees in eight sub counties of Tororo in 2022.

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Global Greengrants Fund

Global Greengrants Fund is a charitable foundation that makes small grants to grassroots environmental causes around the world. These funds are used to support community-based groups outside the United States and Western Europe working on issues of environmental justice, sustainability, and conservation.


American Jewish World Service (AJWS)

American Jewish World Service is an international development and human rights Jewish not-for-profit organization working to fight poverty and pursue justice in the Global South. Through philanthropy and advocacy, they respond to the most pressing issues –from disasters, genocide and hunger, to persecution of women and minorities worldwide.


This initiative has had a significant impact on the environment by creating sustainable livelihoods for farmers while promoting the conservation of natural resources. Forest Gardens are a combination of fruit trees, vegetables, and other crops that are grown together in a sustainable and regenerative system. They provide a variety of benefits to farmers, including food security, income generation, and environmental conservation.

Through the implementation of the project, a number of farmers have reported improved livelihoods from the sales of vegetables, resolution of land boundary conflicts through the planting of the green walls, soil revitalization and improved family nutrition. Increased yields have also been reported, leading to greater food security and income generation for participating households.

These positive outcomes demonstrate the potential of sustainable agriculture to promote social, economic and environmental benefits for rural communities. By empowering farmers with the skills and resources necessary to establish Forest Gardens and permagardens. LERWA’s partnership with TREES is promoting a sustainable approach to agriculture that supports both people and the planet.

Currently, the partnership is working with 192 farmers in Rubongi Sub County to plant a target of 630200 trees. This initiative aims to create a sustainable solution to environmental degradation and poverty in rural communities by providing farmers with the necessary skills and resources to establish Forest Gardens.

LERWA and TREES are committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices that support ecosystem health and conserve natural resources. This project is just one example of the many initiatives that the two organizations are spearheading to promote sustainable development and address the challenges facing rural communities in Africa.

Through this partnership, LERWA and TREES are demonstrating their commitment to creating a sustainable future for communities in Uganda and beyond. The impact of this initiative will be felt for generations to come as it promotes environmental conservation and empowers farmers to be agents of change in their communities.

We encourage other organizations to join us in supporting initiatives that promote sustainable development and environmental conservation. Together, we can create a brighter future for generations to come.

Visit their website: www.trees.org