A Flourishing Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

As we step into the heart of 2024, LERWA-Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa is proud to share the blossoming progress of the Forest Garden Fund Project, generously supported by Trees for the Future. With a renewed partnership, we are sowing the seeds of change across Rubongi subcounty, Tororo’s landscape.

Building on our sterling success last year, we continue our collaboration with the dedicated farmers from 2023, welcoming a few new members from Bendo, Pojulo, Agola B, Panyangansi A and B, and Kidera Central. Our collective has grown to 197 active farmers, each contributing to the lush vision we share.

Reflecting on our Annual Report 2023, we take pride in the 538,579 trees planted last year. This year, we aim even higher, targeting 417,000 trees. As of May 2024, we have already seen 335,425 trees take root, and we eagerly anticipate the second planting season from September to November.

Our farmers have not only received seeds and seedlings but also the vital tools of their trade—a panga for pruning and harvesting, and soon, a hand hoe for gardening. The first season’s training in nursery bed establishment, pruning, harvesting, outplanting, and tree care has been complemented by Trees for the Future’s refresher courses for our technical team, enhancing their ability to support our farmers’ growth.


The upcoming season promises new learnings in vegetable permagardening, equipping our farmers to cultivate produce for the market. This initiative is a step towards ensuring that our farmers are not just guardians of the environment but also competitive players in the local economy.

The Forest Garden Fund Project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when communities, organizations, and nature work in harmony. We are more than halfway to our goal for the year, and with each tree planted, we move closer to a world where farmers are empowered to sustainably protect and preserve our planet.

Join us as we continue to nurture this journey, one seedling at a time.

For more information about the Forest Garden Fund Project and how you can support our efforts, please contact us at +256779305466.

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