A Victory for Women’s Land Rights in Tororo

In a landmark victory for women’s land rights, Achieng Yolina, a widow from Tororo, reclaimed her rightful land after being unjustly deprived of her inheritance. This success story is not just about the restoration of land but also about the power of legal awareness and community advocacy.

Yolina’s ordeal began when her clan and family members distributed her late husband’s land in 2012, leaving her with a sliver of her residential holding. Despite her pleas to local leaders for redress, her voice went unheard—until she tuned into a talkshow under the women’s land rights project implemented by LERWA-Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa Ltd supported by Urgent Action Fund-Africa.

Moved by her story, LERWA-Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa stepped in to champion Yolina’s cause. We organized a mediation meeting with the family, local leaders, and clan heads, educating them on the Succession Act (Amendment 2022)1, which safeguards the inheritance rights of widows and children.

The mediation was a revelation for the community. It highlighted the existing legal frameworks in Uganda that protect women’s land rights. The family and clan leaders, initially resistant, were persuaded to honor Yolina’s rights.

However,the path to justice was fraught with challenges. ‘Bush-lawyers’ attempted to derail the process with intimidating letters. However, the resolve of the leaders and family prevailed, and the land was redistributed as agreed, in favor of Yolina.

This case transcended individual rights; it served as an educational moment for the clan and local leaders. They gained insights into the legal protections for women’s land rights in Uganda, fostering a community more informed and just.

Achieng Yolina’s story is a beacon of hope for many women facing similar struggles. It underscores the importance of legal literacy and our role in empowering individuals to stand up for their rights.

For more information on women’s land rights and how you can support our initiatives, please visit our website or contact us at LERWA.

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