LERWA’s Annual Report 2023: Advancing Environmental Justice and Community Empowerment

LERWA-Land and Environmental Rights Watch Africa Ltd is proud to present our Annual Report for the year 2023, highlighting our organization’s diverse initiatives and impactful projects undertaken in Tororo district, Uganda.

Throughout the year, we have been steadfast in our commitment to promoting environmental justice and sustainable development within the communities we serve. From the successful implementation of the Forest Garden Fund 2023 project to the advocacy efforts undertaken in the Promoting Women’s Land Rights initiative, our work has touched the lives of countless individuals and families.

The report provides a comprehensive overview of our key achievements, including the establishment of the Aturukuku LERWA Farmers’ Cooperative Society, which has empowered smallholder farmers with access to financial services, market linkages, and modern agricultural technologies. Additionally, we are proud to share the details of our formal launch event, which helped increase the visibility of our organization and strengthened our partnerships with local government, community leaders, and other stakeholders.

Despite the challenges faced, such as land injustices against women and insufficient funding, we have remained steadfast in our mission. These obstacles have served as valuable lessons, prompting us to advocate for gender equality, secure long-term funding, and prioritize community engagement and scalability in our future endeavors.

As we look ahead, we are inspired by the progress made and remain committed to creating lasting impact and promoting environmental conservation in Tororo district and beyond. We invite you to explore the details of our 2023 accomplishments and join us in our journey towards a more just and sustainable future.

Lerwa Annual Report 2023

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